Please have a thought for us!

Paul Newman in his letter in the Sussex Express dated September 14 entitled 'What does our MP say? highlights the lack of any response from our MP on the madness of brexit a madness which threatens to engulf her constituents and the whole of the United Kingdom.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 11:47 am
Updated Friday, 28th September 2018, 12:49 pm

Not a disaster brought on by forces beyond our control but one which the current Conservative DUP coalition government have and continue to engineer.

However whilst Maria Caulfield’s silence is lamentable and disrespectful to her electorate, her connivance with those actively engaged in furthering brexit is a disgrace particularly when a majority of her constituents expressed a preference to Remain in the European Union.

Our MP’s reasoning for this is that she is respecting the “will of the people” ie that small percentage of the overall electorate who expressed a Leave preference in an advisory referendum. But what of the will of her constituents?

Similarly now that one opinion poll after another show that the majority now want to Remain in the European Union, which is not surprising as even the possibility of Brexit is causing businesses to move to other parts of the Union and jobs to be lost. You might now be led to think that in line with her espoused belief that the “will of the people” is paramount and in the light of the facts she would support a People’s Vote. Her absence of any such commitment leads me to believe her interests are more self serving than constituency based.

I find this all especially disappointing because I recall that when Maria Caulfield sought to be elected for her first term she offered her experience in the NHS and her support of it as one of her reasons she should be elected.

Now to find she is actively assisting the implementation of Brexit which will devastate the economy and ensure that money to improve our faltering Health Service is unavailable makes her term in office seem one of treachery. Rather than helping build the National Health Service she is becoming a witting or unwitting agent of No Health Service .

Please MP Caulfield have a thought for the futures of those who elected you!

Ben Taylor

Viking Close, Seaford