Positive experience of parking services

I WANTED to write as every week, I read letters from people complaining about the parking in Worthing and the service provided by the traffic wardens to "innocent motorists" - especially this week, when I read a complaint about receiving a ticket for parking for 10 minutes at the end of the day.

I am really not sure how this can be justified as a complaint against the wardens when they are only doing their job and clearly have guidelines and processes they have to follow, as we all do in our working life.

Also, parking problems are highlighted week after week in the Herald.

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My own experience has been very positive recently.

My daughter is 17 and passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago and as we live within the parking restrictions, we needed to obtain a permit.

On the day after she passed, I gave her a visitors' permit to use and she scratched off the details with a warning from me to ensure she put the correct details on.

Later on in the day, she saw she had received a ticket as she had scratched off the right day but the wrong date.

We decided to appeal as this was clearly a mistake but I did think that realistically we would have to pay the fine as I had read so many other cases in the paper that had been refused on appeal.

To our surprise, last week we received a letter saying this was waived and I wanted to highlight that whilst I appreciate parking in the town is a problem, in some cases justice does prevail.

Louise Herbert

Cobden Road


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