Public sector also play their way

DOES Mr Derek Price (letters, April 15) really think he has paid for my pension?

As a retired local government officer, I thought I had paid into it every month when I was working '“ my pay slips said so.

As for stating that public sector employees are paid more than the private sector, I would suggest he gets his facts right.

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I did not find this to be the case.

Does he think that purchases for local councils have not increased? As a local tax payer, like all local government workers, we are also are paying more on our rate, etc.

It might please Mr Price to know (and I have a letter to prove this) that local government pensions will not be increased this year.

The increases are set in September, based on the retail price index (RPI) at the end of September, and take effect the following April.

As the RPI was negative in September, 2009, there will be no increase due for any person in receipt of a local government pension in respect of the year 2010/11.

If Mr Price price doesn't believe me, I will willingly show him the letter I have received.

I stongly object to this gentleman's remarks about long-suffering council tax payers dipping into their pockets again.

I will still have to pay the increase in my rate.

I guess he still wants the services provided by the council, i.e., his rubbish emptied, the roads swept, and the services provided by West Sussex, which the local council has to pay for.

Georgina Packham

Tavy Road


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