Seaford’s green space site unsuitable for building mixed development

To Cllr Andy Smith re Seaford Health HubCC Sussex Express

Friday, 15th March 2019, 2:55 pm
Updated Friday, 15th March 2019, 3:56 pm

I am extremely concerned and saddened to hear about your plans to build huge buildings in a mixed
development on a green space.

There are huge traffic and environmental issues.

The site is not suitable for a GP surgery as it is out of Seaford Town itself.

The two GP surgeries in Seaford have a very wide catchment area which includes residents on this side of Newhaven Bridge. Many people travel to see their GP via train from Newhaven Town, Newhaven Harbour and Bishopstone stations.

Should the surgeries be re-sited on the green space these people will be encouraged to use their cars because of the extra journey involved from Seaford Station to the Downs Leisure Centre.

The roads are already very busy and not suitable for any increase in traffic and the surrounding roads will be spoilt by the resulting increase in traffic. This will generate a substantial amount of exhaust emissions that will inevitably impact on the health of children and the safety of those going to school.

The lives of the people who live nearby will be similarly blighted by noise etc.

There is no infrastructure in place for the building of such a large project and car parking is already a big problem.

Moreover, the building of this project includes a convenience store, this would endanger the livelihoods of the shops not only in the immediate area but also detrimentally effect the character and charm of Seaford Town itself, since it will be an alternative to the community built up over many centuries in our town.

I understand that there is currently no proposal on the architect’s drawings for the additional lorries loading and unloading; this will cause an enormous burden upon the local residents and the green Space.

All the indications and modern surveys and reports indicate the need for more green space, and how it affects us all and in particular children.

Currently the area provides us with some of this much needed green space for children and adults to play and for some wild life to flourish; but if you build this huge project you are denying this to our community.

I challenge you to sit in our garden and walk around our fields.

Can you in all conscience send the bulldozers in?

Does your conscience prick you?

Linda Parker

Stafford Road