Stan and Ollie quote would sum up Brexit

I find it ironic that the film Stan and Ollie has been nominated for three Bafta awards at this time.

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Oliver Hardy’s timeless quotation, “Well here’s another mess you have gotten me into”, can only be matched by the phrases “Brexit means Brexit” or “No deal is better than a bad deal” or somewhat later “A bad deal is better than no deal”.

Let’s remember that all over the continent, populist parties are emerging who oppose the EU-imposed New Order straitjacket, spawned George Soros’ philosophy and that the euro is the most dysfunctional currency ever created.

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Sadly, Theresa May and her cynically misnamed EU ‘withdrawal’ agreement would lock the UK into a permanent Brussels vassalage even more oppressive than membership.

I did read that between 2010 and 2015 Germany profited from the ongoing Greek debt crisis to the sum of €100billion.

I could see us being worse off than Greece if we linger in the EU tentacles.

Finally, before I go to watch Stan & Ollie at the Chichester Cinema, New Park Centre, to cheer myself, I must say that I do object to being told by Tobias Ellwood, Conservative MP for Bournemouth East (and Minister in the Ministry of Defence) or Sandy Martin, Labour MP that we need a second referendum because we ‘didn’t know what we were voting for first time’.

I believe that our EU chums really don’t understand what direct democracy means hence I don’t want to be ruled by an unelected EU Commission.

And before I go, remember – to reason with data is delusion.

John Hutchings, New Park Road, Chichester