Sussex has too many authorities

Every year West Sussex county and district councils cut their service provision budgets but nobody has the foresight to examine the organisation which is needed to deliver those services in a cost effective way.

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

Some counties eg Wiltshire have reorganised into one council which has produced considerable savings which have been invested in the provision of services.

Expensive tiers of management and back -up services such as HR and accounts have been streamlined and the duplication of elected councillors has been eradicated which has resulted in a more cost effective and efficient machinery of government.

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A large section of the county is covered by the National Park.

We are overgoverned by the present number of authorities.

The county could be reorganised into one authority or at least by two or three large district councils to deliver all services.

J.M.Sumner, North Street, Midhurst