Taking away park's peace

ONCE again, Worthing Council and West Sussex County Council (WSCC) show their utter ineptitude by extending the play area in Victoria Park all the way to the central path.

Of course, they didn't bother to ask anyone.

The park worked well as it was, there was a fenced-in play area, then an area people used for picnics and on the northern side people generally played ball games.

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Now the play area extends all the way to the path, there is no peaceful area, one side is children, the other football.

I can recall a senior official of WSCC giving me a definite promise that the old Victorian lamp-posts in Cobden Road would not be removed . . . and guess what, the next morning at 7am, workmen are taking them down!

The only thing I would trust these people to do is to make a complete and utter mess of everything.

John Baydon-Stroud

Cobden Road


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