The new owner should let the council know before changes are made on the pier, not after

From: Ann Kramer, Priory Road, Hastings

Last week’s Hastings & St Leonards Observer carried a long letter from the new owner of the pier, Mr Gulzar.

I found it worrying that he said he would keep the council informed of his intentions for the pier ‘when appropriate’.

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And indeed in the same edition the Observer informed us that a new ice cream hut has opened on the pier, for which Mr Gulzar had not put in a listed building planning application, as should be done.

Apparently Hastings Borough Council will receive this retrospectively.

Mr Gulzar has a record of retrospective planning applications which, again, I find worrying.

Last year Hastings Pier’s stunning design gained it the prestigious Stirling Prize; surely proposed changes and additions to the pier should be presented to the council before, not after, the event.

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