The top 50 words and phrases Sussex readers cannot stand

Have you ever found yourself wincing as someone speaks to you because they use a word or phrase you cannot stand?

How many of these words and phrases do you hate?
How many of these words and phrases do you hate?

We asked our readers what they hated hearing and here is the top 50 most hated words/phrases.

1. So..... - a common word that many people now seem to use at the start of a sentence.

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2. Like - used at the start, middle, end, in fact every other word seems to be 'like' when someone talks.

3. Dear - a number of readers said they hated being called dear by strangers and that it made them feel old.

4. Just saying

5. At the end of the day

6. Literally - when they mean "a lot". It doesn't mean a lot, it means its exact intended meaning.

7. Man up

8. Boys will be boys

9. In the loop

10. Hubby/Misses

11. Fur babies when referring to their pets

12. Can I get - instead of please may I have - many pub owners and bartenders mentioned this phrase.

13. It is what it is - Especially when used by someone who just doesn’t want to be accountable for their actions.

14. I’m not going to lie.... do you usually lie then?

15. With all due respect - and you know they will not be respectful

16. Using 'of' in place of 'have', for example Should have.... Could have.....

17. Right? - used after every three words.

18. Basically - used in every sentence

19. I’m not being funny but... and you know you’re not going to like what they say.

20. Believe me/you can trust me - can I not normally trust you then?

21. Do you know what I mean? - Used multiple times when speaking.

22. In these strange times - a phrase used extensively the last 12 months

23. To be fair

24. To be honest - do you usually lie then?

25. Think outside the box - one of many 'management' terms that seem to be used a great deal nowadays

26. Hi guys - one of the many Americanisms that has worked its way into the English language

27. A shout-out

28. Sick when describing something that is brilliant

29. Omg or lol - used during speech rather than just an abbreviation in a text message

30. The new normal - a phrase heard a great deal in the last 12 months

31. I, for one

32. It was lush - when describing something that is great/amazing

33. For free - it is just free.

34. You know - used frequently during speech

35. Obviously - when it is not obvious at all

36. My bad

37. Awesome - is it causing or inducing awe?

38. I’m good - a response people now give to someone asking you how you are rather than how you are behaving.

39. Can I just borrow.... - when you know you will never see the item again

40. Init

41. There’s nothing worse - I can think of much worse things...

42. Being called hun or babe

43. "Some think" in stead of "some thing".

44. Hollibobs instead of holiday

45. “Going forward” instead of “in future"

46. I'm giving it 110 per cent - not a real thing

47. Using the word 'brought' when they mean 'bought'

48. The (gender of your choice) 'done good'

49. From the getgo rather than from the beginning.

50. To cut a long story short - that’s after 15 minutes of rubbish.