TIM DREW: There should not be any further cuts to policing

Bank frauds, police recruitment and the on-going problems caused by drug dealing and street drinking were among the topics covered at the Town Central Neighbourhood Policing Meeting last Thursday evening.

Tim Drew
Tim Drew

Sergeant Craig Burgess reported that more calls were being received from banks who were concerned at large one-off cash withdrawals by customers.

Courier fraud, where fraudsters impersonate bank staff to trick victims into withdrawing money and passing it to a courier who brings it to the fraudsters, is becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, and it was good to see that the banks are becoming more proactive in helping to counter this scam.

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The £12 increase in the police precept for a Band D property is being used to recruit another 200 officers.

There should not be any further cuts, of which neighbourhood policing had borne the brunt, and recruitment will continue over the next few years.

Domestic crime accounted for 13 out of the 28 cases where the police are currently attending site or about to do so, but Worthing continues to be troubled by the London drug gangs and several addresses where ‘cuckooing’ is suspected have been identified.

The problems of street drinking and anti-social behaviour were reported as having escalated in Denton Gardens, which were being used as public convenience by an increasing number of vagrants attracted by what was considered the neglected aspect of the grounds.

The street drinkers were also reported as being involved in thefts of alcohol and high-cost items such as cheese from supermarkets and some of the thefts were by repeat offenders.

Security at Waitrose has to be maintained seven days a week to prevent the loss of stock. However, dealing with the problem is difficult.

The Street Pastors reported that little trouble had occurred, with night time activity quietening down which bears testament to the good work being done.


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