Tough times for disabled

HOW I agree with Chris Varney (Herald March 12).

There is not enough disabled parking and far too few dropped kerbs.

The dropped kerbs are frequently blocked by parked vehicles.

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Try using the shops in a wheelchair or scooter.

You cannot get through the racks of clothes in some shops.

In one business the children's deptartment has a perfectly acceptable lift to the first floor.

The children's bit is down some stairs which has some apparatus designed by Heath Robinson.

When my daughter used it she was severely bruised by the doors slamming shut on her, after we had discovered the instructions hidden on a book shelf.

Complaints to the manager were in vain.

As we now have a disabled councillor, why are these very important matters not being addressed?

As more people survive injury and serious illness, or disability from birth, the number of people who need just a little consideration will grow.

I challenge the editor to borrow a wheelchair or scooter and travel round Worthing, visiting shops alone.

Try going on a bus.

They are easy to get on but try manoeuvring round the pole which is so conveniently placed.

Try the various cobbled areas. Lovely!

Worthing and other towns need to address these problems now.

We need a team of wheelchair users and blind people to tell the council where the problems are and then they must be sorted. I will not hold my breath.

Susanna Humphreys

Meadow Road


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