Understanding love for pets who share our homes

Pets are funny things, aren't they?

When you first bring them home, you don't expect them to get so under your skin, but somehow they do just that.

Dogs, cats, fish, hamsters etc, they're in almost every household around the UK.

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I have two pets, a dog called Maxx and a cat called Tricky (we didn't name her that, she already had the name when we got her).

I've had them a good few years now, they're a big part of my family's life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Over a period of time we get exceptionally close to our animals, call them silly names, talk to them in babyish voices and in some people's cases, dress them up in their own little outfits.

Some people would say we treat them like our own children. I dread to think how much money has been spent on my animals, especially my dog.

They're all very expensive, from buying food, collars and leads, to those extortionate vet bills.

However, I'm sure everyone would agree that every single one of our pets is worth all the money in the world.

Just recently my auntie had to have her cat put to sleep. It was very sudden and unexpected.

She'd had her for 14 years, and was understandably very upset as she has a great love for her cats.

She has no children so they are like her babies. This particular

cat was her favourite and seeing her so upset was horrible for me and my mum.

After seeing what happened, I went home and smothered my animals in love and hugs.

Something like that jolted me into realising I'm lucky to still have my pets and that I'll hopefully have them for another few years yet.

Dogs and cats are especially loyal to their owners and are always there at the end of the day.

They somehow know when we're upset, make us laugh with the silly things they get up to, and always manage to look remarkably cute.

It's hard to stay mad at them, even when they're standing there head to toe in mud, have brought you a mouse or even wrecked the garden bench with their claws '“ yes you, Tricky!

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