Why we must stay in the EU

I have been following the many letters on these pages re the Brexit issues and would like to bring the debate back to basics.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 11:47 am
Updated Friday, 28th September 2018, 12:49 pm

As a child I lived through WW2 and saw the terrible devastation and deprivation that we and the whole of Europe endured. The years that followed saw the coming together of European countries to put aside the trauma of two world wars and reconstruct our continent and end once and for all the senseless slaughter of past centuries. This movement was started by far sighted, courageous men encouraged by our own war time leader Winston Churchill. This movement became the European Union and is a club of 28 liberal democracies for the furtherance of peace and prosperity for all its citizens. Britain has been a beacon of hope in a war ravaged world and we can and must play a full role in this endeavour.

We must build on the international respect that we have hitherto enjoyed to fulfil the hopes of millions in a still troubled world. That is why Britain must stay in the EU to safeguard our reputation and our power base in the greatest economic community on the planet. Together we can ensure our freedoms, our way of life and our living standards for our children, grandchildren and in my case great grandchildren through the coming years. Only by staying in the EU can we help to shape the changes that will become necessary, it would be total folly for our nation to exit this carefully nurtured ideal at the behest of some political zealots who only have their own narrow monetary interests and ambitions to pursue and who still have no credible plan.

It would seem from the government’s own forecasts that our nation will be financially worse off after Brexit but of course this will not affect the multi-millionaires who wish to take us away from the EU,oh no the costs of this folly will fall on ordinary people, those who can least afford it!

John Fisher

Rowan Close, Seaford