Orchestra of former addicts performing in Lewes

Adele Marie 'Deli' Davidson
Adele Marie 'Deli' Davidson

The world’s only ‘recovery orchestra’ will play a concert at Depot Cinema in Lewes tomorrow (Saturday, January 12).

The New Note Orchestra, based in Brighton, features musicians in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The live performance at Depot (2pm) will accompany the premiere of a 45-minute documentary ‘A Sense Of Place’ which features members of the orchestra reflecting on places that are important to their recovery. Admission is £10.

One of the participants, Adele Marie (‘Deli’) Davidson said she discovered the orchestra one year into her recovery from alcohol addiction. She is now three years sober.

Deli said: “A friend who was in the orchestra told me they were looking for people to do vocals. I asked what sort of songs they performed and he said no, it was just vocal sounds.”

She said her sense was that other people make music and she listened to it, but she and a friend thought it over and eventually went along to one of the rehearsals, which take place every Tuesday evening in St Luke’s Church near the centre of Brighton.

Deli said: “I was like ‘yeah this is a good place to be, these are good people to be around’. I had always had this sort of jokey ambition to play the glockenspiel and the founder of the orchestra Molly Matthieson told me they had one in the cupboard. So I thought that’s it I’m in. Now I have the confidence to have a go at anything.”