Original 1950s paving back in place in Garden Street in Lewes

1950s pavement returns to Garden Street in Lewes.
1950s pavement returns to Garden Street in Lewes.

An historic part of Lewes has been saved by a local councillor from an unsightly pavement repair.

Bricks dating from the 1950s were removed as contractors carried out work and then replaced them with Tarmac.

Cllr Ruth O’Keeffe contacted the contractors to request the original brick paving was reinstated as soon as possible and was delighted when work began to put the bricks back in place this week.

Cllr O’Keeffe said: “Knowing the difficulties of getting the exact bricks back and the problems elsewhere all over Lewes with paved areas being repaired with Tarmac as a temporary measure that then lasts for some months, sometimes followed reinstatement with completely different materials as the originals have been mislaid in the intervening time, I immediately contacted UK Power Networks customer service line and they passed the message on to SQS the contractors that the bricks needed to be found and reinstated as soon as possible.

“I was pleasantly surprised to be phoned back on Monday, less than 24 hours later, by SQS to tell me that the bricks would be returned on Tuesday and had all been found including the “500” brick.

“Today (April 28) the work is in progress and I have just made sure that the “500” brick is as close to its original position as possible.

“I am really glad to have had such a quick response and to see the restored brick pavement in place of the Tarmac.”

The work was carried out to repair a high voltage cable under the pavement in Garden Street in Lewes at the end of April.

The whole area was covered with Tarmac and the brick paving was taken away.

This included a brick with 500 and a date in the 1950s from when this brick pavement was laid.