Original gifts at Blackboys gallery

A Blackboys gallery is holding a pre-Christmas exhibition and sale this month with original solutions to gift problems.

Two creative studios at Sharlands Farm - painter and illustrator Liz Hankins’ Vision Gallery and potter Matthew Bayman’s workshop - will open from 11am-5pm daily for two weeks from November 16.

Shoppers can find unique hand-made crafts from 14 skilled artists and makers.

Guest artist Stephen Henderson from Essex shows sculpted wooden birds and fish. Liz is particularly delighted with Stephen’s work and she says he has strong local connections as his mother was a niece of Virginia Woolf.

There are are also felt hats, embroidered textiles, silk bags, hand-woven scarves and wall hangings.

Look out for Bloomsbury style painted lamps, furnishings, watercolours and limited edition prints, hand-forged ironwork from a new, young blacksmith, carved stone, hand-made cards, raku tree decorations, stained glass light catchers, frameable cards, decorations and jewellery. In the next door studio visitors can browse amongst Stuart McCrorie’s gouache paintings as well as Matthew Bayman’s wood-fired pottery.

After a major road accident in 1990 Liz Hankins lost her hearing and was waiting for a hearing dog when two operations she says were ‘miraculous’ saved her from total deafness. As a result, she is serving mulled wine and hot mince pies in return for donations to the Hearing Dogs charity. www.vision-gallery.co.uk or ring: 01435 865505.