Our newest member Harrison has sent some great photos

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A VERY big welcome to the newest member of the Chipper Club, Harrison.

Not only did he send me a lovely letter to say thank you for the pencil and badge he got for joining the gang, but Harrison also sent me some amazing photos!

Here’s what he had to say: “I have just joined the Chipsters and my name is Harrison. Thank you for my pencil and badge.

“I love playing football too. My dad is a coach for the under-nines in Chichester City Youth team.

“I play lots in the week and support Portsmouth. Sometimes I play golf too.

“I also do swimming once a week.

“Here is a picture of me on my school’s sports day this year, jumping. It is hard trying to do all my homework and do all my football as well.

“I like making things too. In the other picture I am at Amberley Museum and have just put together this wheel. Hope you like the pictures.”

Well, Harrison, I can tell you I LOVE the pictures!

Do any other Chipsters want to send in photos?

Chip chip for now!

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