Outrage as Lewes Post Office is closed due to bad weather.

The closure of Lewes Post Office caused outrage among customers yesterday.

The branch was closed due to the snow storms which swept through the county in the last week.



The branch also closed early, around 2,30pm, on Friday, January 18 due to snow storms.

In the short time the Sussex Express was outside the High Street building more than 10 people stopped to complain about the closure.

Customers outside the building were given no explanation for the closure.

But a angry customer left a note pinned to the door saying: “This Post Office being closed is a disgrace.”

Customer Sally Porter said: “They ask us to use them to save them from closing down and so why are they closed today.

“Everything else in the town is open. What’s the reason for it? They don’t even give us a reason.

“It’s a disgrace. Local papers tell us to support the local Post Office because it will close and I’ve walked down here to post a parcel for my grand-daughter and it’s closed.”

Another customer, who wished to stay anonymous, said: “This is the only Post Office in town. They have closed all the others down. I think it’s an absolute disgrace just because we have a little bit of snow.

“To inconvenience people the way they are doing, it’s obviously a big business and I think it’s grossly unfair.”

A Post Office spokesman said: “Lewes Post Office was closed due to the bad weather resulting in the branch team being unable to get to work. We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.”

The spokesman added: “On Friday, I believe it was snowing heavily and the PO manager like many other retailers on the high street wanted to ensure that employees got safely home.

“The branch did open on Saturday as normal but this morning the weekends heavy snow has meant the branch team have been unable to get into the office.”