Outrage at Alex Salmond tableau

The Alex Salmond effigy
The Alex Salmond effigy

A Lewes Bonfire tableau depicting Scottish nationalist leader Alex Salmond has caused outrage.

East Sussex County Council posted a picture of the tableau on its Twitter account today (Wednesday November 5).

But the local authority had to remove the post after it received an angry backlash on the social networking site.

East Sussex County Council tweeted: “Please note that the Alex Salmond and Nessie models were created by Waterloo Bonfire Society #LewesBonfire and have NO connection to ESCC.”

Catherine McGuire emailed the Express and said: “The Effigy of Alex Salmond and Nessie which are two Scottish Icons are very offensive to the people of Scotland and is in very bad taste.

“The effigies you should be burning are Cameron and Clegg the worst

most corrupt Politicians ever.

“Shame on You.”