‘Outstanding’ GCSE results for St Leonards-Mayfield School

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YEAR 11 pupils at St Leonards-Mayfield School are today celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results.

More than two thirds (69 per cent) of all results are at the top A* and A grades and 98 per cent are graded A* to C.

In chemistry, biology, ceramics, classical civilisation, classical greek and chinese, more than 95 per cent of candidates secured the coveted A*/A grades.

In a further nine subjects – mathematics, english, physics, geography, history, latin, art & design, physical education and religious studies – more than 70 per cent of all results were graded A* or A.

Headmistress, Miss Antonia Beary, commended all the girls on a particularly fine display.

She said: “While we are always proud of the results our girls attain, these Year 11 girls have achieved outstanding results in all subject areas. I am delighted that whatever their strengths, be they in the sciences, arts or humanities, girls have been able to excel. This is an exceptionally strong year group in that not only are they gifted in a range of areas – inside and outside the classroom – but they have also worked hard and deserve all the accolades we can bestow. I look forward to them flourishing in the Sixth Form, as I know they will continue to make a positive impact on the School and the wider community.”

A school spokeswoman said it was proud to have such strength in depth across the full range of sciences, social sciences and arts.

With more than half the 75 candidates achieving 8 or more A*/A grades – and 23 girls securing 10 or more – it was difficult to highlight particular individuals.

Hannah Berry, Charlotte Wright and CC Rowson are representative of the hard work and impressive grades achieved by this year’s pupils.

Hannah Berry (Lindfield) has made an outstanding contribution to the sporting life of the school over the last three years and will be a key member of the school’s chaplaincy team next year.

She achieved 11 A* grades and 1 A grade and will be studying A-Levels in geography, latin, spanish, maths and further maths.

Charlotte Wright (Wadhurst) also secured 11 A* grades and one A and will be studying A-Levels in biology, chemistry, maths, further maths and geography. The school was confident that, despite her academic commitments, Charlotte will continue to impress as a key member of the school’s swimming squad.

CC Rowson (Tunbridge Wells) has blossomed since joining Mayfield five years ago. One of the school’s leading riders and artists, CC secured 11 A*s. The fact that she scored full marks in ceramics, two of the four latin papers, five of the six science modules and a french paper is testimony both to her own ability and character and to the quality of teaching at Mayfield.