Packed season for all lovers of art in Plumpton

The 28th season of lectures provided by Newick Decorative and Fine Arts Society will begin on October 8 at Plumpton Village Hall.

This year’s programme covers a particularly wide spread of topics, starting with why golden ages of art flourish and decline, and continuing via groups of artists such as the Surrealists, to the architecture of New York City. New members will be most welcome.

The annual subscription, which includes refreshments after each meeting, is £40.

Future meetings will include the legend of Orpheus and its treatment in art and music; amber, ivory, tortoiseshell and pearl; Picasso, Man Ray and Max Ernst; and the work of Thomas Heatherwick, the designer of the flaming cauldron at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Members will also hear about Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, Petra, the rebuilding of Buckfast Abbey and the place of the harp in Ancient Egypt.

The Society’s programme also includes visits to places of artistic interest – on October 19 an evening visit to Westminster Abbey with a recital by the Purcell Singers and in June a visit to Leeds Castle in Kent.

The speaker at the Society’s Annual Lunch at the Newick Park Hotel on November 6 will be Dr Margaret Knight, discussing ‘The Arts in Nazi Germany’.

The cost of these events is additional to the £40 for the year’s lecture programme.

To join Newick DFAS, ring the Membership Secretary on 01825 723250.

If you have not been a member before and register in advance with the Membership Secretary, you can attend the October lecture for free.