Pair cut off by tide at Seven Sisters rescued from ‘dangerous’ perch

Newhaven Lifeboat
Newhaven Lifeboat

Two people, who found themselves perched dangerously under the Seven Sisters Cliffs after being cut off by the tide, were rescued by a Newhaven lifeboat.

The volunteer crew launched the lifeboat after receiving reports at 3.42pm on Thursday (October 12).

It arrived at the cliffs at 4pm and began to search the area.

Two casualties were soon found below flag staff point, perched on a previous cliff fall with the tide still flooding.

The daughter inflatable Y boat was launched and veered into position in the breaking surf.

A spokesman said: “The two casualties, who were uninjured, were safely extracted from their dangerous location at the foot of the cliffs and taken onboard the main lifeboat.”
The Y boat was recovered and the casualties were safely returned to Newhaven lifeboat station at 5.06pm