Paraglider falls from cliff in Newhaven

A PARAGLIDER miraculously escaped serious injuries after he fell 40 feet when his chute failed to open.

Newhaven Coastguard was sent to his rescue at around 12 noon on cliff tops about 200 metres west of the NCI lookout.

The paraglider was initially stuck on the cliff face.

But while his rescuers were collecting their response vehicle an update came from Solent Coastguard that he had fallen and was at the base of the cliff.

Barry Johnson of Nehwaven Coastguard said: “As the paraglider jumped from the cliff top his chute became entangled on rocks protruding from the cliff edge and he was left hanging approximately 40 feet above the ground.

“One by one the ropes that attach the chute to the harness started to snap and he eventually fell to the grass bank below.”

He was initially assessed by members of the Coastguard team.

As a precaution his head and neck were immobilised.

South East Coast Ambulance Service paramedics arrived and after a full assessment, he was carried as a precaution by stretcher to a waiting ambulance and taken to Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton with minor cuts.