Paraglider rescued after emergency sea landing near Newhaven

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A paraglider who made an emergency landing in the sea just west of Newhaven this morning (Monday, August 5) was rescued from a small outcrop of dry shoreline by the lifeboat.

Newhaven’s Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland’ was launched at 10am.

With an incoming tide, the small dry area the paraglider, who was uninjured, had made his way to was soon to be consumed by the choppy one metre sea.

Once the lifeboat arrived on scene, the inflatable Y boat was launched with two crew on board.

Due to the sea conditions and rising tide the inflatable veered down onto the casualty.

Veering down involves dropping the anchor and slowly letting out anchor line to carry the inflatable boat close to shore.

This technique enables the bow of the Y boat to be kept head to sea so that the Y boat can pull itself off the shore through the breaking surf again using the anchor line.

Without veering down it would have been difficult to get the inflatable Y boat back off the shoreline.

The casualty and his parachute was recovered onto the Y boat and then transferred to the main lifeboat.

Coxswain Paul Legendre explained: “It was a great team effort and the Y boat crew did a great job in very tight conditions.”

Picture courtesy of Barry Johnson