Parents' bid for 20mph limit near school refused

20mph speed limit sign20mph speed limit sign
20mph speed limit sign
Etchingham parents' bid for a 20mph speed limit to improve road safety has been turned down by the county council.

A group of residents with children attending Etchingham Primary School submitted a petition back in February raising concerns about the speed and volume of traffic passing through the area.

They called for a 20mph speed limit during school pick-up and drop-off times, re-introduction of step down signs on the straight mile from Burwash, a flashing 30mph sign moved closer to the school and replaced with one that indicates what speed a passing car is driving, a pedestrian crossing on the high street, and a new speed camera.

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However this week the East Sussex County Council has decided that extra traffic calming measures in Etchingham ‘are not presently a priority for funding’ from its budget.

However an advisory speed limit and a pedestrian crossing could be supported in the future if an alternative source of funding becomes available or if an application through the Community Match Scheme was successful.

A report to the lead member for communities and safety, discussed on Wednesday, explained how step down markers were removed as part of recent safety improvement works.

Meanwhile the current location for the vehicle activated sign was chosen as the best compromise in terms of visibility, access for maintenance, and reminding drivers of the speed limit.

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Lastly officers explained that speed cameras are managed by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Etchingham does not meet the criteria for one to be installed.

The report states that research into 20mph limits shows how signed-alone limits only lead to small reductions in speeds and are ‘only appropriate in areas where speeds are already low’. A survey carried out earlier this year by Borders Lane indicated average speeds of 28mph eastbound and 34mph westbound.