Parking an issue for Heathfield residents

Hastings and Eastbourne web pictures
Hastings and Eastbourne web pictures

HEATHFIELD residents who are fed up with anti-social parking on grass verges near their homes have taken their troubles to the County Council.

Council chairman Cllr Chris Dowling attended an informal meeting with people living in Sheepsetting Lane to listen to concerns about parking by families dropping off and picking up children from Cross-in-Hand Primary School.

He told the Express: “We had a very informative meeting and I must say I was shocked to see the state of the verges opposite their houses. This has obviously been made worse by the very wet weather this summer but the ruts were very deep and unsightly.”

He explained there are various options that can be considered to improve matters which include installing bollards or other obstacles along the verge, but explained these cost money and any decision would have to go to consultation.

He went on: “It is early days at present. A number of factors must be taken into account but let’s hope we can come up with a satisfactory solution.”

Parking issues have been raised before by residents who successfully campaigned for road safety measures near the school and along approaching roads. As a result the Tilsmore Area was created, speed bumps were set in place (and later raised in height) and build-outs made to slow traffic and ease it away from the school itself.