Parliamentary candidates speak out after election posters taken down in Lewes constituency

Maria Caulfield
Maria Caulfield

Lib Dem and Conservative poster boards have been removed from gardens in the Lewes constituency ‘in an attempt to pervert the course of the election’.

Prospective parliamentary candidates in the Lewes constituency, Norman Baker and Maria Caulfield, have spoken out after posters were removed from gardens and streets in Lewes, Newhaven, Ditchling and Newick.

Norman Baker

Norman Baker

Sussex Police have been alerted to the problem by both camps.

Lib Dem candidate Norman Baker said: “While I am confident that Maria Caulfield and her team have played no part in this, it does look as if some of her rogue supporters may have.”

Mr Baker said the problem was worst in Seaford where virtually the entire A259 was stripped out overnight, as well as side streets being affected.

He said Lib Dem posters have ‘vanished’ in Newick.

Mr Baker also added garden posters had been ‘illegally removed’ in Lewes, Newhaven and Ditchling.

The MP called in Sussex Police and asked them to investigate.

At the start of the campaign, the police had written round to all party agents reminding them that there should be no interference with the posters of other parties.

And he is calling on the public to keep a watchful eye and report any incidents they witness both to the police and to his office, including number plate details of any vehicle associated with the thefts.

Maria Caulfield, Conservative candidate, said: “We have had our posters taken down, too, especially in the Ringmer area and along the A27.

“It is a shame that this happens during an election and ours have been reported to the police also.

“It is not the best use of police time and I would urge people to refrain from interfering with any political posters.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Sussex Police has been advised of campaign posters being stolen or removed in Seaford, but are currently awaiting a formal report and details.”