PC warns teens about ‘unbelievable’ behaviour

FOUR unknown teenagers have been publicly berated by a police officer for unsocial behaviour affecting a school building.

PC Kate Brookman said four youths aged around 18 went to Grovelands Primary School between 1am and 2am on Sunday, August 12.

They lit a small fire near the main school building, ‘had a few drinks, a few cigarettes and a chat’, she said.

But what really provoked PC Brookman’s ire was that one of the youths urinated against a wall.

PC Brookman, who works with schools in the Hailsham area, said: “While I realise that this is not the crime of the century, it’s not pleasant that the caretaker then has to clean this up.

“Slightly unbelievable, I have to say, that someone would light a fire, even if nothing was likely to happen.

“When the caretaker has to clean stuff like this up, the school’s money is being wasted.”

The police officer, who was given an Queen’s Police Medal in June, issued a public message for the youths.

PC Brookman told them: “Don’t do it again.”

She said: “Schools are private property, not somewhere to hang about in.

“And if all else fails, think to yourself whether you would like to clear up someone else’s wee if they’ve done it up your front door.”

The police officer added an extra warning: “I have the CCTV which I will be watching as soon as I get the chance.”