Peacehaven in times gone by calendar out in the shops now

JH Pillinger Tea Rooms in Peacehaven taken in 1925, now The Dew Dropp Inn.
JH Pillinger Tea Rooms in Peacehaven taken in 1925, now The Dew Dropp Inn.

Peacehaven’s oldest public house is one of 38 pictures featured in the town’s 2013 annual bygone calendar.

The Dew Drop Inn in Steyning Avenue was formerly a tea room and it wasn’t until 1928 that the premises was granted a licence and became a public house.

Jerry and Lyn Daudeney, are the current landlord and lady of the Dew Drop Inn and they have been there since 1968. Pictured is the pub’s forerunner, a tea room owned by J H Pillinger, taken in 1925.

Bob Welch from WASP Printers is behind the annual calendar.

He said: ‘’We have an archive of old pictures of Peacehaven and people are fascinated to see how the town has changed from years gone by.

“The interest in the calendar goes from strength to strength with many being sent overseas for presents.’’

Other places featured in the calendar are views of the South Coast Road taken from the 1930s to the 1960s.

In one shot the road even appears to be unmade and there are very few cars on the streets.

Bob said: “It’s how empty the road is. There’s a real contrast between how it was and how it is today.”

The calendar also features an aerial view taken in 1971, which shows the area north of Roderick Avenue as “quite empty.”

There are also several photos showing the Pavilion Cinema, which used to be located on The Dell.

It was opened as the Tatler Theatre in 1923 and incredibly constructed from the remnants of a military theatre in France. It had 300 seats.

Sadly it was completely destroyed in the 1940s after a fire started in the projection room,

There is also a page on the watering holes of Peacehaven, including one pub formerly known as the Gay Highlander, now called the Sussex Coaster.

Calendars are available from Wasp Printers and Studio Crafts on the South Coast Road, Greetings, Meridian Centre and from the Dew Drop Inn priced at £4.99.