Peacehaven pharmacy move proposal sparks concerns

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A controversial proposal to relocate the Co-op pharmacy within Peacehaven has been met with stiff opposition from Peacehaven Town Council.

The council said moving the pharmacy from the Meridian Centre to Anchor Healthcare Meridian Surgery in Meridian Way would make it very difficult for elderly and disabled patients to get to it.

However a spokesperson for the Co-operative Pharmacy said no final decision had been taken, adding it was considering the move to make services more accessible to patients.

Chairman of the town council planning and highways committee Job Harris said: “This proposed relocation is of great concern to the town council and we are against the relocation as it will be very difficult for some of our residents, disabled and the elderly, to get to.

“The Community Transport Lewes Area bus drops people off by the door leading to the Meridian Centre where the current pharmacy and Co-op foodstore is housed undercover and under one roof.

“Moving the pharmacy to the surgery will severely affect and inconvenience local residents and customers – if they need more space for the pharmacy they should consider leasing one of the other vacant shops in the Meridian Centre.”

A Co-operative Pharmacy spokesperson said: “No final decision has yet been made to relocate our branch from the Meridian Centre although we are considering an option to relocate the branch to the Anchor Healthcare Centre on Meridian Way in order to make our services more accessible to patients within the local community.”