Peacehaven Post Office move is scrapped

Peacehaven residents who campaigned to keep the Post Office in its current location.
Peacehaven residents who campaigned to keep the Post Office in its current location.

A proposal to relocate a post office within Peacehaven has been ditched following strong local opposition.

Peacehaven MP Simon Kirby and cllr Job Harris this week welcomed the confirmation from the Post Office it had decided to stay put.

It had been consulting on moving the branch at 138 South Coast Road in east Peacehaven to Nisa Local 241 South Coast Road.

However post mistress Susan Blackwell confirmed to the Sussex Express that she planned to retire from her job as soon as possible and added that the Post Office would not remain in her son’s shop Studio Crafts afterwards.

A Post Office spokesperson said: “We will start the process in the near future to see if we can find a suitable applicant and premises in the right location to relocate Peacehaven Post Office. Any further proposal will be subject to a six week public consultation.”

Mr Kirby said: “I was contacted by many constituents who raised concerns about the potential impact such a move would have had on local residents, particularly the elderly and disabled.

“Other concerns surrounding location and availability of space were also regularly raised.

“I therefore took up the issue and made numerous representations to the Post Office to ensure the views of local people were heard as part of the consultation process.”

The consultation closed on October 22.

Following this decision, any proposed new location in the future would be subject to a further six week period of local public consultation.

The Post Office said it withdrew the plans after listening to concerns raised about the proposed new location.

During the period of local public consultation Consumer Futures and the Consumer Watchdog, expressed significant concerns about the proposed move.

Post Office regional network manager for the south, Will Russell, said: “Having listened very carefully to the views of customers and reviewed all the comments and feedback made I have decided not to proceed with this move.”

The proposed move to Nisa Local would have offered customers an extra 60.5 hours a week to access Post Office products and services. The proposed hours were Monday to Sunday: 07.00 – 22.00.

A spokesperson for Peacehaven Town Council said: “The Town Council are pleased that the Post Office have decided not to relocate the Post Office to the centre of the town as it’s important that the residents at the eastern end of the town have good access to a Post Office and its facilities.”

Peacehaven councillor Job Harris “We were all very pleased.

“I have to thank all the people and all the people in Peacehaven Residents’ Association who are very good people and very hard working.

“I’m very pleased that it wasn’t moved.”

Cllr Harris explained it would have left the people at the end of town where the Post Office was currently located with no facilities.

He added there were many elderly people living in this area of Peacehaven.

Peacehaven Residents Association helped to fight the proposal to move the Post Office.