Peacehaven young mayor asks for donations to food bank

PEACEHAVEN young mayor Megan Foster is asking people to make donations to the food bank set up in the Information Centre at Peacehaven Town Council.

Megan’s chosen charity is the abcfund and it will be packing up Christmas hampers to be distributed to local families most in need.

Last year the abcfund made up 62 food parcels with the help of Southern Water employees, who delivered them.

Megan said: “Please next time you are out shopping pick up an extra item and drop it into Peacehaven’s Information Centre by the end of November.”

The charity’s chairman Anne Bickmore added: “This Christmas will be harder than others due to the economic recession and the demands on local food banks and unless we step in many families will simply go without and children will be denied presents.”

Cllr Robbie Robertson, who is supporting the scheme said: “Give generously so that all families in town have an enjoyable festive season.”

The abcfund bought 435 seats at the pantomime in Eastbourne and every single child attending will go home with a selection box. The charity will give presents to a number of children in Peacehaven, although it has stressed the main focus this year is on the food bank.

The charity desperately needs tins of biscuits, chocolate, tea, Christmas puddings, tins of fruit, salmon, as well as jam and variety packs of cereal.