People are asked to report any jellyfish sightings

ANYONE who spots a jellyfish has been asked to let the Sussex Wildlife Trust know – and with a picture, too, if possible.

A moon jellyfish, pictured by Paul Naylor
A moon jellyfish, pictured by Paul Naylor

Jellytastic is a marine art project being run by the Sussex and Hampshire wildlife trusts and New Forest-based artist Trudi Lloyd Williams, with the aim of raising awareness about the diversity of marine life found off the local coastline – particular, the different types of jellyfish which reach our shores each summer.

Jellyfish are renowned for being animals with a sting, but the majority of those that reach our coast have a very mild sting in their tentacles, which is only harmful to the small fish and other tiny sea creatures on which they feed.

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Jellyfish are a type of plankton, which means they are ‘drifters’, going wherever the ocean currents carry them.

The Jellytastic Project will also highlight the harm plastic pollution causes for marine wildlife. Art workshops will be run with school groups and families over the summer, tocreate jellyfish-inspired sculptures from recycled plastic.

For more information, contact Nikki Hills, Sussex Wildlife Trust Making Waves officer, via email to [email protected], by calling 07943 504479 or online at