80s fitness star, Green Goddess, hosts virtual class for Horsham care home

A Horsham care home took part in a special exercise class taught by 1980s fitness star, the Green Goddess.

Residents and team members at Care UK’s Skylark House, on St Mark’s Lane, donned their workout wear and neon accessories to take part in the bespoke virtual session with fitness guru Diana Moran, which forms part of Care UK’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’ initiative.

Diana, known as the Green Goddess, is best known for hosting ‘wake up and shape up’ on breakfast television while wearing her trademark green leotard in the 1980s.

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As part of their activities, residents wore their ‘Team Skylark House’ workout gear to complete a series of low impact, tailored exercise routines suitable for those in later life and designed to improve flexibility and blood circulation.

Let’s get physical - Horsham care home gets fit with the Green Goddess.

Dorota Woloszyn, Home Manager at Skylark House said: “We had a fantastic time in our 80s gear taking part in The Green Goddesses’ official Care UK workout.

“Here at Skylark House, we strive to ensure residents lead active and fulfilling lives. While regular activities at the home include gentle exercise classes and movement activities, we were keen to encourage residents to kickstart the new year by trying something new.

“Exercise is incredibly important for maintaining physical and mental health, especially in older people, whose mobility, balance, and strength naturally begins to decline with age. Enjoying physical exercise in a novel and exciting way can greatly increase resident involvement, leading to improved fitness levels and a more positive mood.

“Many residents remember the Green Goddess from their younger years, and seeing everyone dressed up really did put a smile on resident’s faces. We’ll certainly be taking part in this for weeks to come!”

Diana Moran, the Green Goddess, added: “I am delighted to support Care UK to encourage residents across the country to get active by trying something new.”

The ‘Let’s Get Physical’ initiative sees Care UK homes across the country encourage residents to get active by trying something new and exciting – whether that be a fitness class with the Green Goddess, a seated ballet class, disco yoga or even ice skating.