Amazon Prime reality TV show will see Hassocks mother help to 'change the world'

A mother-of-two and CEO of a social media management company is set to be a contestant on The Social Movement, a new Amazon Prime show.

San Sunner, CEO of Rec Social
San Sunner, CEO of Rec Social

The Social Movement is a documentary and reality series that will see CEOs brought together for four days to 'change the world' through philanthropy.

Fifty people will work together across four teams to solve social and economic issues that are harming the planet, including income inequality, access to health care, global warming, hunger, and support for homeless people.

They will have to come up with a financially viable business model to solve one of these issues, pitch their idea to The Social Movement 'Genius', a successful business person who will decide who wins, and then they will be able to develop their idea into reality.

San Sunner, CEO of Rec Social, will join the show as an associate producer and contestant on season two.

She said: “We have a purpose bigger than ourselves, we have the knowledge and ability to find solutions to our planet’s biggest issues. This can only be achieved if we work together.

"The calibre of contestants and people on board are just phenomenal. We all have the same passions and wants and I feel we are in a time in 2020 when these social issues need to be addressed and tackled differently.

"It's like The Apprentice meets the philanthropic world but with people who are already successful in their own right."

Ms Sunner said she has a passion for technology and the future of work, and that how we work and what technology will allow going forward needs to be focused on.

The teams that contestants will be split into are woman empowerment, cyber bullying, artificial intelligence and mothers and daughters.

Ms Sunner has two children, aged 10 and 9, and said she cares a lot about learning what is important for the next generation.

She said: "We need to understand how technology will affect work when we are teaching our children.

"I care about the future of work, what that means for us and how we need to start thinking and teaching and what's important for the next gen for them to be able to thrive and for them not to be obsolete.

"I feel utterly grateful that I'm in a position where I can support myself financially - I know what I want to get out of this and I'm proud to have a platform to be able to do it.

Series one launches on Amazon Prime in August 2020 and filming for series 2 starts in July 2020, out in July 2021.