Animal rights demonstration featuring slaughterhouse gas chamber to take place in Chichester

An animal rights demonstration featuring a gas chamber used in abattoirs is set to take place in the Chichester city centre tomorrow (May 21).

Pegged to start at 11am, the event will feature TVs displaying real footage from slaughterhouses, smoke machines designed to simulate the gassing of livestock, and a real gas machine used to slaughter pigs in abattoirs. It will take place around the market cross and is expected to wrap up around three o’clock.

The event has been organised by Sentience, an animal rights activist group which uses outreach events and protests to shed light on the realities of the meat industry.

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Organisers hope that tomorrow’s protest, which focuses on the maltreatment of pigs, opens a dialogue about animal rights, industry malpractice and environmentally friendly alternatives to meat.

The protest is set to take place at the market cross tomorrow. SR2004272 Chichester Market Cross Pic Steve Robards.

“We want to people to be aware of and exposed to how products like bacon and pork sausages end up on their plates,” said activist Steve Ferrett.

"I think if people see that process and understand it, it would make them think and, hopefully, adjust to find an alternative.

"The animals have to go through horrendous existences and meet brutal ends for this stuff and you don’t have to do it. So we, as activists, almost put ourselves in the place of the victim and think ‘how would I want someone to help me if I were in that position?’

"Our intention isn’t to upset, annoy or aggravate at all. What we want is nice, educated conversation where we can discuss what’s going on and perhaps turn some hearts and open some minds.”

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