Anti-lockdown stickers removed from Chichester city centre - have you spotted any?

Stickers calling for residents to turn against social distancing, wearing face masks and lockdowns have been spotted in the city - but one resident has been working to remove them.

In a social media post, a Chichester resident said he had spotted the offending material this morning (Thursday, June 24) and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Olls, who lives north of the city, said: "It's not the first time I've picked various stickers up from around Chichester. I was walking through the town and saw someone walk up and slap something on the bin. I looked at it and thought 'oh, really?'

"As I was walking along East Street towards the Cross I saw more and more of them, I think I gathered about 15 or 20. He saw me taking them off but didn't say anything, I just put them in the bin."

The stickers after being taken off bins and walls in Chichester

This is the sixth occasion Olls said he has spotted the stickers in the city.

One of stickers read: "Choose love and embrace. #No masks, #No distancing, #No lockdowns."

Olls, who described himself as 'publicly spirited' said the stickers could have dangerous repercussions.

He added: "I know we all have various opinions but let's face it - no one wants to be responsible for passing on Covid. A lot of people have died from it and there are a lot of conspiracy theories."

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