Anti-vaccine demonstration in Chichester today

An anti-vaccine demonstration is taking place in Chichester city centre today (Saturday, October 23).

Conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn was filmed at Market Cross this week announcing the protest. He will speak via video link later today.

Amid a backdrop of rising Covid cases, anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown activist Kate Shemirani is expected to speak at the event in person.

A large crowd has gathered at the event today. Picture by Joss Roupell

A number of people have gathered to listen to the speakers.

One passer-by, who wished to remain anonymous, told this newspaper: "I don't like people shouting in the street, no one does. I think it needs to be a balanced debate

"If the councils are going to allows things like this to happen then you need to have both sides of the argument, especially if it is as potentially dangerous as this."

A number of protesters have hand-made signs with them.

There is a police presence at the demonstration.

A person speaks to the crowds. Picture by Joss Roupell