Billingshurst couple join fitness legend Mr Motivator in running new club

A Billingshurst couple have been hand picked by fitness guru Mr Motivator to help run a new wellbeing club.

Lucienne Suter and Lawrence Clark have professional qualifications in yoga, pilates, music and complementary therapies and have teamed up with Mr Motivator to run on-line classes to encourage people to lead ‘healthier, calmer and more mindful lifestyles’.

“We have been enthusiastic about exercise, the way we eat and being positive for most of our lives,” said Lawrence.

He and Lucienne were teaching yoga, pilates and mindfulness on a Saga cruise when they first met Mr Motivator in 2019.

Mr Motivator

His new club - - extends his trademark physical motivation to include expert advice on sensible eating, mental fitness and provides a community to help battle loneliness, especially in older people.

Lucienne and Lawrence are two of 14 Motivators - experts in their fields - who help run the club with classes in HITT, cookery, nutrition, music therapy and mindfulness as well as yoga and pilates.

They said: “We feel very privileged and honoured to be invited by Mr Motivator to join the motivator team and can’t wait to share our passion for healthy living with the local community.

“We believe wellbeing should be the most important focus in life and hope our classes will offer people the perfect mind and body workout to improve their physical and mental health.

Lawrence Clark and Lucienne Suter

“We love to communicate via music and performance and hope everyone will join us for a much needed boost after a year of isolation.

“It’s more important than ever that people feel happy and fulfilled so they can live every day to the full.”

The club’s concept, exercise and sensible eating plans have been developed and endorsed by Dr Kathy Fulcher, a leading exercise physiologist and nutritionist, and are said to be suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Mr Motivator said: “Your wellbeing is a way of life and I want to get the people of West Sussex moving and feeling good about themselves.

“I’m confident Lucienne and Lawrence have the energy, positivity, passion and expertise to do this.

“They are in every sense true ‘Motivators’ and will be on hand to help people as they embark on their wellbeing journey.

“The most important thing you can have is an independent, healthier you. You must not underestimate the impact that exercise can have on your mental and physical wellbeing.

“There is a curative power to exercise and those who are least active stand to benefit the most from their health and happiness.”

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