Bishopstone garden appears on Good Morning Britain

Driftwood garden owner Geoff Stonebanks with the film crew.
Driftwood garden owner Geoff Stonebanks with the film crew.

Gardener Geoff Stonebanks from Bishopstone was featured on Good Morning Britain on Monday July 14.

Weather presenter Laura Tobin arrived at his home in Marine Drive at 4am with a film crew and set up in the garden.

A total of eight sequences were filmed, with the front and rear gardens in the background as she delivered the weather forecast.

Ex Seaford mayor Linda Wallraven was amongst the guests and spoke live on air about Geoff’s fundraising achievements.

Geoff was also interviewed twice by Laura at 6.40am and 8.15am live on air, about his passion for gardening and about his garden being selected from hundreds of entries as the first of five gardens to be featured on Good Morning Britain this week.

Good Morning Britain commissioned five garden gnomes of the TV presenters including Laura, and Geoff had coveted one to add to his own collection of antique gnomes since their arrival the night before.

As a thank you to Geoff for taking such good care of the crew Laura presented him with the gnome of herself to add to the collection.

Geoff said: “I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to have had my garden featured on national television.

“I have been very lucky to have seen it in national magazines and newspapers in the UK and even seen it appear in a national French magazine this year too, but on television, incredible.”