Bognor family with disabled child ‘devastated’ after flat is flooded

“We’ve basically been devastated for the whole week”

A Bognor Regis couple have spoken out about their devastation after their council flat was flooded last week.

The flat, in Berrymill Close, first flooded on August 27

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Stacey Delena Horne, who shares the flat with partner Michael Blackman, said the flooding filled both bedrooms and ruined a wardrobe.

Michael Blackman, Stacey Delena Horne and their four year-old-daughter Scarlett

Not only that, but Ms Horne said the disruption caused by the flooding has had a profound affect on their four year old daughter, who has been diagnosed with Downe Syndrome.

“I keep thinking to myself she needs to have normality, but at the same time, I don’t want to put her in a compromised position by taking her back to the flat and getting to sleep there,” Ms Horne said.

“Obviously it’s very upsetting. If I were on my own with my partner, it wouldn’t be as much of an issue, but with a disabled child who’s already vulnerable, this puts her in a more vulnerable position.

“We’ve basically been devastated for the whole week.”

A spokesperson for Arun District Council said: “The council have been liaising closely with family to resolve the issue. A dehumidifier has been provided to dry the affected area. The property has been inspected and is considered fit for habitation. We still offered the family emergency accommodation at their request, which they refused as they did not feel it was suitable.”

Ms Horne said she and her partner refused the accommodation because the council could not guarantee ground floor or lift access.

Her partner suffers from chronic pain, and her daughter is partially immobile, she explained, making access an important part of any potential flat.

“They couldn’t tell us what floor it was going to be, and with a disabled child that doesn’t really walk and a partner that suffers with chronic pain, that wasn’t going to be suitable,” Ms Horne explained.