Bognor Regis singer-songwriter releases single on Spotify

‘Feeling Blue’- the new single from Bognor Regis Singer-songwriter Tom Halliday- is out now on Spotify

Mr Halliday, a 22 year old student, said the song was inspired by a difficult period in his life, materialising from a desire to write something as hopeful as it was sad.

He said; “It was a couple of years ago and I was feeling a bit blue myself, you know? Going through a bit of rough patch. Everyone had moved to uni and I’d lost touch with some friends. So it kind of just inspired me in that sense. I wanted to write a song as if I was talking to me back then.”

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‘Feeling Blue’ might have come from a very personal place in Mr Halliday’s life, but he hopes it has a broader significance for his listeners.

Tom Halliday has released a new single on spotify. Photo by Zoë Lambert.

He said: “I wanted people to relate to the song. Especially with Covid and everything. People are feeling more alone, so I thought now was a good time to release it.

“At the time, I was writing all these miserable songs so I thought I wanted to try and write from the other side, something a bit more uplifting”

The song has been out on Spotify since April 16. It is also available on YouTube, Apple Music and has been played on Bognor’s very own Radio Respect. Mr Halliday, who studies Commerical Music at Waterbear College in Brighton, said he was surprised by the response.

“It’s been quite nice, to be fair. When I wrote the song, I was in a weird space and I was worried people might think it was too cheesy, but the listens are slowly racking up, which is really good.”Mr Halliday said he is still working on other songs but wants to take things slow. “I’ve got some more songs in the pipeline,” he said. “I don’t know when they’ll be released but maybe I’ll try and get one out in the Summer.”

“It’s a bit weird with Covid,” he added. “You can’t get in the studio, so ‘Feeling Blue’ was basically recorded and written in my bedroom. So it’s the same for everyone, you’re just waiting for everything to open again, aren’t you?”

To listen to ‘Feeling Blue’ and find out more about Tom Halliday, check out his Spotify artist’s page or find ‘Feeling Blue’ on YouTube.