‘Brainless’ cyclists flout Horsham town centre no cycling rules – call for action to stop ‘dangerous’ riders

A former paramedic is calling for action after he spotted ‘dangerous’ cyclists flouting Horsham town centre’s no cycling rules.

Chris Britton, 62, was walking through the Carfax on Saturday, March 8, when he said he had a near-miss with two cyclists despite riding through the area being banned.

He added: “These two cyclists came either side of me. They were cycling just literally through the Carfax.

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“I just froze for a few seconds.”

Chris Britton is cross about cyclists who are flouting the no cycling signs in Horsham town centre. Pic Steve Robards SR2103101 SUS-211003-114356001

Chris slammed the ‘brainless’ riders, questioning: “Why are you doing this?”

He said anyone walking through the town centre has to keep their wits about them and that he ‘wouldn’t even dream of cycling’ in prohibited areas.

Cycling is banned in the Carfax and in West Street, Chris said.

He added: “I wouldn’t cycle I would just walk. That’s probably just me.
“If an accident happens the consequences could be bad.

“You have only got to hit an old lady. The injuries could be catastrophic.”

He said he is also concerned that cyclists are putting themselves at risk of injury and that he has nothing against cyclists but urged them to recognise the potential danger of their actions.

Chris is calling on cyclists to take personal responsibility by following the rules but he said he also wants to see police patrols stepped up in the area.

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said: “Stopping cycling in pedestrian-only spaces is a matter for police to enforce, however we do ask everyone to please respect the rules in place in Horsham town centre, which are there for the safety and enjoyment of everyone.”

Sussex Police said neighbourhood Policing teams regularly patrol the town centre. A spokeswoman added: “Where poor cycling etiquette is observed, this will be addressed at the time.

“To report a crime please visit the Sussex Police website or ring 101.”