Bridging Generations: The Inspiring Marathon Journey of Robert Groves and Poppy May

In the vibrant city of Brighton on 25th February 2024 an extraordinary event is set to unfold that exemplifies the power of determination, unity and inspiration.
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Robert Groves, 68, the esteemed founder of Quest4Hope, and Poppy May, a spirited 22-year-old, are both gearing up for an endeavour that transcends conventional marathon tales. Both being wheelchair users, their participation in the Brighton Half Marathon is a poignant narrative of how individuals, irrespective of age or physical challenges, can push the boundaries of what's possible.

Robert Groves, with decades of experience and wisdom, stands as a testament to resilience. Having navigated the world from the vantage of his wheelchair, Groves has not only adapted but thrived. His initiative, Quest4Hope, mirrors his life’s philosophy – that barriers are but stepping stones to greater heights. The organization has been instrumental in advocating for accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that disabled individuals are not sidelined but celebrated for their courage and zest for life.

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Enter Poppy May, a young woman whose spirit and energy are as infectious as her ambition. At just 22, she embodies the fearless pursuit of dreams, undeterred by the wheelchair that accompanies her journey. Poppy's participation alongside Groves in the Brighton Half Marathon is a powerful display of intergenerational solidarity and the shared belief that limitations are predominantly mental, not physical.

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The Brighton Half Marathon, known for its scenic route and vibrant atmosphere, will witness an extraordinary spectacle as Groves and May take to the streets. This isn't just about completing a marathon; it's a statement that age and disabilities are mere facets of a larger narrative of human endeavour and triumph. Their participation is a clarion call to disabled individuals, young and old, to embrace challenges and pursue their aspirations with unyielding tenacity.

The synergy between Groves and May underscores a crucial message: when the old and young come together, they create a tapestry rich with experiences, dreams, and the unassailable spirit of overcoming odds. It’s a narrative that Quest4Hope has championed – fostering an environment where the disabled community is empowered to take on challenges, irrespective of the scale.

As the city of Brighton gears up to cheer on these remarkable individuals, the Brighton Half Marathon is poised to be more than just a race. It’s a celebration of human spirit, a testament to what can be achieved when individuals refuse to be defined by their limitations. For Groves and May, the marathon is a platform to inspire, motivate, and challenge societal perceptions of disability.

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Their journey is a beacon of hope and a reminder that the spirit to overcome, to challenge, and to thrive lives within us all. Robert Groves and Poppy May are not just participants in a marathon; they are harbingers of change, proving that with courage, support, and determination, anything is achievable. As they wheel through the streets of Brighton, they are not just racing; they are rewriting the narrative on disability, one push at a time.

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Crawley supper hero’s

This event is a poignant reminder that age and physical conditions do not confine human potential. Through their actions, Groves and May are inspiring a generation of disabled individuals to look beyond their circumstances and to see the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. The Brighton Half Marathon is set to be a milestone event, symbolizing hope, unity, and the indomitable will to achieve, regardless of the hurdles that life may place in our path.

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