Brighton and Lewes paper lamp shades created by artist who has appeared on Channel 4 show The Big Naked Painting Challenge

Lamp shades depicting Lewes and Brighton have been designed by a paper collage artist who appeared on a Channel 4 series earlier this summer.

Rosalind Freeborn with the Lewes paper shade
Rosalind Freeborn with the Lewes paper shade

The paper shades were designed by Rosalind Freeborn – founder of London-based company Papershades – and depict the key landmarks of both sites.

On the Lewes paper shade – the town’s Castle, River Ouse and Pells Pool can be seen.

While on the Brighton lampshade – people will be able to pick out the seafront, the Pavilion and the Downs in the distance.

The Brighton paper shade

Rosalind said: “I wanted to find a new kind of canvas for my paper art and noticed that the lampshades in my home were very dull.

"‘Why can’t they be made from paper and based on my designs?’ I asked myself. It took a while to work out how to turn flat paper into a workable lampshade but I did it and Papershades was launched about five years ago.”

Rosalind Freeborn appeared on Channel4’s Drawers Off: The Big Naked Painting Challenge in June.

The show was presented by Jenny Eclair, and Rosalind made five paintings of life models in the studio, winning Painting of the Week in one episode.

The artist said she created The Lewes Papershade because her sister lives in the East Sussex town.


Rosa is looking forward to showing off both paper shades at the Beautiful and Useful Show in Brighton on September 17 and 18.

The event will feature a huge choice of products created by leading designer-makers from across the country.

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