Brighton charity team launch delicious brownie delivery service with heart

Brighton-based charity Team Domenica is once again leading the way in supported employment for young people with learning disabilities as it launches its baked goods delivery service online.

Thursday, 3rd December 2020, 3:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd December 2020, 4:25 pm

Refusing to let Cvid stop them from continuing to provide work opportunities for young people with learning disabilities during the pandemic, the industrious team, spearheaded by master baker and Team Domenica candidate Callum Glenister aged 20, has launched an online baked goods delivery service. This came in response to the challenges faced by their three Brighton cafés in the wake of COVID.

Charity founder and chairman Rosa Monckton said: “Our cafés have been hard hit by the changing restrictions and trepidation of the public around eating out. Whilst our partnership with Brighton Dome – where our third café opened earlier this year – has been a fantastic lifeline for our programme, we still face mounting challenges in finding opportunities for income generation and offering a range of learning experiences for our candidates. This is especially felt as COVID continues to devastate the hospitality and voluntary sector.

“This new venture is a brilliant solution, and it’s all down to Callum. Driven by our candidates and supported by the community, it is a really exciting development that will make all the difference to Team Domenica.”

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The inspiring project idea came from the enterprising Team Domenica candidate Callum who, with Team Domenica’s support, created the business model and launched it online.

Callum said: “Anyone can place an online order for a box of baked goods like brownies or brookies and receive them through the post. The recipes are all my own and one of the best things is that they are all vegetarian. I’m looking at vegan and gluten-free recipes next.”

Go to the brand-new online www.teamdomenica/shop to buy Baked Goods by Callum products, which are all made and packaged in house by the team of candidates at Café Domenica. This work experience is a vital step towards the young people with learning disabilities that we support finding paid employment.

Prices start from just £15 for a Classic Brownie box and can be delivered direct to your door (for a small delivery charge) or collected for free from the Preston Road café with a click and collect option.

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Callum adds that “each brownie or savoury box bought goes towards supporting Team Domenica, and gives our candidates valuable work experience, so you can eat as much you like guilt free!”

With so many hospitality employers closing and furloughing staff, Team Domenica has had to look at new ways of creating work experience opportunities for their candidates. Callum’s idea has enabled Team Domenica to continue to expand their offering of real-world work experience whilst also raising money for their cause.

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