Worthing brothers set up GoFundMe page after losing dad to Covid-19

Two brothers from Worthing have set up a fundraising page to help pay for a funeral for their dad after he lost his life to Covid.

Josh Wilson, 25, and brother Ben, 21, lost dad Nick Wilson on Sunday after a six-week battle with the disease.

Josh said his 51-year-old dad contracted Covid on December 4 and was admitted to Worthing Hospital a week later.

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Nick was a self-employed account and was described by his sons as well-loved and genuine. When Nick wasn’t working, Josh said he loved meeting up with his friends, going to the casino and out for dinner.

Nick Wilson, 51, was a 'well-loved' father and went above and beyond for everyone he met

Josh added: “He was well-loved and always out to help people. He loved making people think he was rich to impress them. He loved going to the casino, he loved going out and just having a laugh.

“He was very hard-working and he was just one of those guys who you’d meet and you’d just instantly know he was one of those genuine people who would make you laugh.

“He went above and beyond for people and never asked for much in return.”

Their dad’s death has left the brothers struggling to cope on their own, they said, after also losing their mum, Cheryl Wilson, to cancer 12 years ago.

Josh Wilson and his brother Ben when they were younger with their late mother and father

The brothers, who live in Goring, said they were having to learn to live on their own and pay bills, which had left them with no money for a funeral.

Josh added: “We are now stuck with no parents to fall back on so we are now in some respects having to grow up.

“We still live at home, we haven’t left the nest yet. Our dad kind-of shielded us from everything and did everything for us in some respects.

“We have been left in a few sticky situations with no money, dealing with a lot of my dad’s stuff. We don’t think our dad had a will.

Josh Wilson and his brother Ben when they were younger with their late mother and father

“We have been left in a place where we have to deal with his mistakes and his problems before we can even deal with anything else, and that’s left us with literally no money for a funeral.”

The brothers said they would love to give their dad a send off like their mum had.

Josh said: “It would mean the world to us to be able to give dad the funeral he deserves. We are doing the same funeral plans as we did for our mum, so everything is the exact same.

“It would mean so much to send our father out the same way we did with our mum.”

Josh Wilson and his brother Ben when they were younger with their late mother and father

Josh said Nick had chosen not to have the Covid vaccine and added it was his choice and belief that he stood by.

Josh said: “I just am shocked by the impact Covid has had and the complications it has brought the world and the strain is has on the NHS, which I saw first hand

“It was his choice and his belief, I am vaccinated myself as I wanted to protect myself and others.

“Just stay safe, get vaccinated if you believe you want that and just look after yourself and your loved ones.”

To donate, visit their GoFundMe page.