Budget at a glance: what Bexhill residents need to know

Brexit: Extra £500 million for preparations to leave EU

Money PNL-140820-145634001
Money PNL-140820-145634001

Alcohol, tobacco and fuel:

Duty on beer, cider and spirits to be frozen.

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Duty on tobacco to rise by inflation plus two percent.

Duty on wine to rise in line with inflation.

Fuel Duty frozen for ninth year in row.


All shared equity purchases of up to £500,000 to be exempt from stamp duty.

£500m for housing infrastructure fund allowing another 650,000 homes to be built.

Education and Health:

Extra £20.5bn for NHS over next five years.

Minimum extra £2bn a year for mental health services.

New mental health crisis centre providing support for accidents and emergencies.

Extra £700m for councils for care for the elderly.

£10m for air ambulances.

One off £400m bonus to help schools by ‘little extras’ they need.

Transport and Roads:

£30hbn roads package to repair motorways and potholes.

30 percent growth in infrastructure spending.

Opening use of e-passport gates at airports.

Defence and Security:

Extra £160 million for counter-terrorism police.

Extra 1bn for armed forces for cyber capabilities.

£10m for mental health care for veterans.

Environment and energy:

New tax on no-recyclable plastic packaging.

£60m for planting trees.

£10m to deal with abandoned waste sites.

Business and Digital:

New digital services tax on UK revenues of big tech companies.

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts to be abolished.

Apprenticeship contribution to small companies cut from 10 percent to five percent.

£900m in business rate relief for small businesses and £650m to rejuvinate High Streets.