Burwash woman’s novel way to sell vintage goods

Chloe le Fay and daughters
Chloe le Fay and daughters

A Burwash woman has come up with a novel way to display, market and sell her unusual range of clothes and vintage goodies.

Chloe le Fay, 39, mum to two daughters of six and seven, opened her ‘pop up’ Crystal Vintage shop in Punnetts Town a couple of years ago. But her business plans were scuppered when the building was eventually sold.

But trade was building so she was determined to carry on selling her unusual merchandise, so decided she had to find an alternative way to keep the firm on the road - literally.

So she did just that - invested in a large, panelled horse-box which she uses to travel the South of England as well as rural Sussex, exhibiting at country and village shows, racecourses and outdoor events.

Chloe started Crystal Vintage two years ago and admits, as she’s a single mum, she had to think long and hard about how she could work without causing problems for her children.

She said: “If I’d taken up spaces at vintage fairs I would have had to load goods in and out and place it on tables... or else I’d have been sitting at the computer all day processing on-line orders.”

So she came up with the idea of taking the shop to the sales, rather than the other way around.

Now she uses her old, timber horse box as a mobile vintage shop.

She enjoys popping up at vintage fairs as well as national outdoor events such as the Goodwood Revival, where visitors flock to buy.

Chloe’s imaginative conversion was filmed for series two of George Clark’s Amazing Spaces which will be airing on November 14.

She said: “I now have the rather cringeworthy privilege of pasting everywhere I go “As seen on Channel 4...” which is very helpful for publicity.

“The project was done on an incredibly small budget, and almost everything was ‘womblefied’ ie. re-used what was in there already, but in another guise, recycled, up cycled, dragged from skips. I choose things I like and fortunately I find other people like them too!”