Call for West Sussex residents to start composting

People in West Sussex are being urged to start home composting to help reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away.

In West Sussex almost 32 per cent of an average household bin is food waste, but a large proportion of this is ideal for making compost.

As well as recycling hedge clippings and grass cuttings into nutrient-rich soil, home composting is also a sure-fire way to ensure you keep green and organic kitchen waste from going in the bin.

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Deborah Urquhart, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “With recycling a hot topic in the media, lots of people are looking at other ways they can reduce their waste as much as possible.

“People don’t realise that things like vegetable peelings, shredded paper and egg shells are the perfect addition to general gardening waste which combines to make great compost which will help keep your plant pots and borders in tip top condition.

“I would recommend that anyone who has the space for a compost bin invests in one as they are a fantastic addition and can give you compost (and a sense of satisfaction) in as little as six weeks with the right conditions.”

If you’re not already an avid home composter and want to do more to reduce your carbon footprint why not get yourself a compost bin? West Sussex County Council is offering their residents a reduced rate on 220L and 330L bins.

Find out more about composting and get your hands on a bin at